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Allie Lefebvre

Corporate Flight Attendant


Allie Lefebvre

Corporate Flight Attendant

Allie Lefebvre is a Corporate Flight Attendant residing in Los Angeles, California. Allie is fully qualified with many years experience in aviation; both commercial and corporate.

Her flying career began in Commercial Aviation with Gulf Air based in Bahrain in 1994. Allie was subsequently employed by Qantas Airways based in Sydney in 1997. She then relocated to the USA to begin her career in Corporate Aviation based in Van Nuys in 2010.

Currently, Allie is employed full time Part 91 in Van Nuys, California.

Contact Information

Contact Information


  • 818 653 7340

  • P.O. Box 1204, La Canada CA, 91011

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Allie's Resume


Employment as a Corporate Flight Attendant, where I can contribute my extensive knowledge and utilize my outstanding customer service skills in an aviation career.

Education experience


University of Sydney


Bachelor of Arts


Qantas College, Sydney

from 1997 to 2009

  • Qantas Emergency Procedures and Dangerous Goods
  • Qantas First Aid training CPR and AED
  • Qantas Self Defense Training and Security Awareness
  • Customer Service Training Seminars


Rhodec International, Los Angeles


Diploma In Interior Design


Corporate Air Parts Inc., Van Nuys


  • Emergency crewmember training FAR 135.331
  • G550 evacuation crewmember training
  • Heartsaver first aid with CPR and AED


Aircare FACTS Initial Crew Member Training, Long Beach


  • Emergency procedure training in accordance with applicable United States FARS, Canadian CARS and European JARS/EU-OPS


Flight Safety International, Savannah

Annual in Long Beach

  • Evacuation procedures training
  • G650 cabin crew transition training

work experience


Corporate Flight Attendant, Part 91 Van Nuys CA

From 2016 to present

2012 - 2016

Lead Corporate Flight Attendant at Clay Lacy Aviation, Van Nuys

from 2012 to 2016

  • Gulfstream 200/300/400/450/550/650
  • Part 91 and 135.


Contract Corporate Flight Attendant at Clay Lacy Aviation and Corporate Jets, Van Nuys

from 2010 to 2012

  • Gulfstream 200/300/400/450/550/650
  • Falcon 2000
  • Part 91 and 135


First and Business Class Flight Attendant at Qantas Airways, Sydney

from 1997 to 2010


  • Boeing 767-200/300, 747-300/400
  • Airbus 320/340


First, Business and Economy Class Flight Attendant at Gulf Air, Bahrain

from 1994 to 1995

  • Boeing 767-200/300
  • Airbus 340
  • Lockheed Tristar

Key Skills

Outstanding customer service skills
Ability to problem solve
Strong communication skills
Adaptable, resourceful and organized
Safety Demonstration procedures

Fine dining service and extensive wine knowledge
In Flight catering, ordering and food safety
Food garnishing and wine presentation
Menu planning



Conversational German


USA Passport
Australian Passport


For  clients seeking an exceptional in-flight experience delivered by a professional in the aviation industry, Allie is that person.  Safety and security are paramount to her. Allie provides the client with unparalleled levels of service and comfort for a most valuable and memorable experience.

Menu Planning

Allie plans a menu that includes hot & cold options of seasonal appetizers, starters, entrees and desserts. Food allergies and cultural preferences are observed. Menu planning is governed by time of day, length of the flight and number of passengers.

Food Safety

Allie has been trained in food safety and understands the importance of hygiene when handling food, appropriate food storage and the safe transportation of food.

Extensive Wine Knowledge

Allie believes that wine is an intricate part of any meal. Trained at Qantas by celebrity chef Neil Perry she understands the fundamentals of wine pairing, serving, and the appropriate storage of wine.

Silver Service

Allie’s silver service experience began at Gulf Air serving caviar to royal families. In First class at Qantas, Allie served a Degustation menu with wine pairings. The style of service is dictated by passenger preference, numbers of passengers and flight time.


Allie's safety duties include Pre-Flight equipment checks, revision of emergency procedures and passenger briefings. She follows the FAA requirements for both Part 91 and Part 135 flights and is familiar with hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

Provisioning Aircraft

Allie has provisioned aircraft in pre buy for sale as well as brand new aircraft. This has included compiling stock inventories, acquiring stock and galley equipment such as appliances, glassware, serving utensils, linens, bedding etc.

First Aid

Allie has the ability to offer first aid care. She has been trained by the American Heart Foundation in CPR and AED. She is familiar with high altitude physiology, decompression and hypoxia as well as injury and illness aboard a flight.


When it comes to catering, Allie sources the very best produce, delicacies and seasonal specialties both domestic and internationally. Allie also has a passion for cooking and often prepares scrumptious dishes herself.